Ski Weeks Terms and Conditions

Please read the rules and conditions of Ski Weeks CAREFULLY. 

In participating, you agree that any serious breach will result in the participant being sent home at the Parent/Guardian expense.

Health and Safety

The Southland Ski Club make every effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable programme for participants (duty of care), but accidents do happen.  Ensure participants have a few early nights before coming, they have a busy week ahead of them.  The Southland Ski Club will not be liable for accidents, injury or loss/damage to property.

Participants must be fit and healthy - please do not send children who have been unwell or have cold and flu symptoms as this can compromise the experience for all.

Basic first aid will be administered for minor injuries. Medical attention will be sought for serious injuries or illness; and parents/guardian will be contacted. All treatment and travel costs will be charged to the parents/guardian, including the use of hut parents vehicle if applicable.

Participants are not permitted to leave the area except for medical treatment, in which case the Hut parents must be informed.


Lessons are compulsory, Monday to Friday (10.30am and 2.10pm).  If participants ski outside of lesson times then they must ski with a designated buddy at all times.

Lunch times will be partially supervised by Hut parents at the indoor/outdoor café complex operated by NZSki. Participants are not to return to the Lodge until after the afternoon lesson.

Please note that any Friday night or Saturday skiing/Boarding is not part of the Southland Ski Week programme.


Children will be rostered daily to do cleaning duties (vacuuming, bathrooms, dishes etc.) Please ensure your child is aware and capable of doing basis duties.

Duties will also be allocated at the end of the week for final Lodge clean - if you are intending to leave early then please advise the Hut parent so they can arrange for participants duties to be completed on the Thur/Fri before departing.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

Mobile phones and electronic devices can be very useful tools on the mountain however the Hut parents reserve the right to remove such items if their use is deemed to be anti social or inappropriate.

If mobile phones & electronic devices are bought to ski week, no responsibility can be taken by the Southland Ski Club, hut parents or NZSki for the loss or damage of any such items.

Behavioural issues

While on Ski Week participants are the responsibility of the Hut Parents in charge. Participants must abide by the rules set by Hut Parents at all times - Any serious breach of the rules will result in the participant being sent home at the parent/guardian’s expense. No refund of fees will be given.

Please respect others and their property at all times. Inappropriate behaviour and bad language will not be tolerated, nor will disruptive behaviour after lights out.

Participants will be liable for all costs in the event of any loss or damage to the Lodge or NZSki property. If emergency services are called out unnecessarily and it is proved to be the fault of the participant, the family will also be liable for all costs incurred.


Please discuss departure arrangements with hut parents when arriving on the Sunday (collection by non-parent/guardian must be pre-arranged).
Week One - Participants to be collected by 10am on Saturday morning. 
Week Two - Participants can be collected between 4 - 6pm on Friday.
Participants cannot leave until cleaning duties are completed. 

The Southland Ski Club ask that all participants be delivered and collected by a driver with a full license.  Adverse weather may affect roads and test driving skills – we want to ensure your journey is a safe one!

Please ensure all clothing and personal items are named for identification, using a pen to write your name on the label at the very least.

Refunds may only be given at the committee’s discretion.